Michael Urge

The funeral service and celebration of life has been rescheduled for Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at Santa Rosa Memorial Park; 1900 Franklin Avenue in Santa Rosa. In lieu of flowers, donation can be made to the charity of your choice. 


At the age of 80, Michael Urge passed away on October 17th, 2019 in Santa Rosa at Memorial Hospital.

Mike was born to Joseph and Margaret Urge in San Francisco and raised in Santa Rosa. He learned the woodworking trade quite naturally from his father who owned a cabinet shop. He commuted from Santa Rosa to San Francisco where he worked as an apprentice and became a journeyman under the guidance of Christopherson Stair and Handrail. He continued to pursued the wood working trade and eventually started his own shop. He was in business for 51 years containing a myriad of high, performance machines and making beautiful circular stairs and handrails for homes and businesses in the greater Bat Area.

In the early 60s he married Gail and was promptly drafted by the U.S. Military serving as a paratrooper. They raised two children in San Francisco.

Mike had a lifelong love affair with all things Victorian, furniture and buildings. He loved garlic, high quality tools, woodworking machines, onions of all kinds, black republican cherries, porkchops, bacon, scramble eggs with veggies, his homemade canned salmon and olives, ripe figs picked optimally from the tree and fishing. 

His hobby growing tomatoes produced a remarkably grand sized specimen this summer worthy of a top prize at the 2019 county fair even though it was never entered. 

Mike excelled at restoring Victorians, remodeling his home in Santa Rosa, having multiple projects going at one time, feeding his gold fish and appreciating all things well made. When he recently placed his center island in the Victorian he owned and was remodeling he referred to it at “really tits”, an expression he often used to describe how superiorly made something wooden turned out that he made. He was extremely proud of it.

He is survived by his loving wife, Gail and two sons Donald and Michael and, many friends. He will be remembered for his kind, sweet and generous nature, his love of friends and food and his superior wood work.

Michael will be remembered for his kind, sweet and generous nature, his direct conversation style, his love of close friends and their generosity toward him, an appreciation of good food and all things beautiful, his superior wood work and strong work ethic. 


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