Serving Those Who Served Us: Honoring Veterans at Eggen & Lance and Fred Young Funeral Home

November 9, 2023

At Eggen & Lance and Fred Young Funeral Home, we consider it a privilege and honor to serve those who have selflessly served our great country. Military funerals are a deeply significant way to pay tribute to our veterans in Sonoma County and offer solace to their loved ones. In this post, we wanted to share how we meticulously plan military funeral services and the meaningful services we provide to honor and commemorate our beloved veterans.

Honoring Military Tradition:
At Eggen & Lance in Santa Rosa and Fred Young Funeral Homes in Windsor/Healdsburg and Cloverdale, we recognize the importance of preserving military traditions to commemorate the service and sacrifice of our veterans. Our expert team meticulously plans each aspect of a military funeral to ensure a dignified and respectful ceremony that reflects the individual’s branch of service.

  1. Military Honors:
    We work closely with veteran service organizations and military branches to ensure that the appropriate military honors are provided. From arranging military honor guards to presenting flags to loved ones, our team will coordinate every detail to honor the deceased veteran’s service.
  2. Flag Presentation:
    One of the most solemn moments in a military funeral is the folding and presentation of the American flag. Our experienced staff handles this process with the utmost care and respect, ensuring that family members and loved ones are presented with a symbol of honor for their fallen hero.
  3. Taps and Gun Salute:
    We facilitate the playing of Taps, a beautiful bugle call that often signifies the end of the day in military tradition. Additionally, we coordinate with military personnel to arrange a gun salute to pay tribute to the deceased veteran’s service.

Assistance for Veterans and Their Families:
At Eggen & Lance and Fred Young Funeral Homes, we extend our support beyond the dignified execution of military funeral services. We strive to provide comprehensive assistance to grieving families and guide them through the often complex process of obtaining benefits and honors available to veterans.

  1. Military Benefit Guidance:
    Our team is well-versed in the benefits and entitlements available to veterans and their families. We assist families in navigating the paperwork and processes required to ensure their loved ones receive the recognition and benefits they deserve, such as burial allowances, military headstone or marker arrangements, and survivor benefits.
  2. Memorialization Options:
    We offer a range of memorialization options to honor the memory of our veterans. From personalized military-themed funerals to custom-designed headstones or markers, our goal is to create a lasting tribute that encapsulates the individual’s service and sacrifices.
  3. Grief Support:
    Losing a loved one can be an emotionally challenging experience. Our compassionate staff recommends grief counseling services and connects families with community resources that can offer support during their time of need. We are committed to helping families navigate the grieving process with compassion and understanding.

Honoring our Veterans in Sonoma County
At Eggen & Lance and Fred Young Funeral Home in Sonoma County, we take great pride in serving those who have bravely served our nation. Through meticulously planned military funeral services, comprehensive assistance, and a dedication to preserving military tradition, we are honored to pay tribute to veterans and provide solace to their families. If you have any questions or require our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our caring team. We are here to serve those that have served us so well.