Hanny Annette Cummings

(AKA – “Hanneke” or “Anna”)

March 21st, 1945 – February 15th, 2024



Born and raised in Enschede, the Netherlands by Albertus Johannes Evers and Pauline Heutink Evers, Hanneke Evers grew up amidst the aftermath of World War II, cherished as the middle child in a close-knit family of six siblings. Despite the challenges of the era, she fondly reminisced about her joyful childhood, enriched by the bond she shared with her family.


As a young woman, Hanneke excelled as a gymnast and later found her passion for fashion and design. Her journey into the textile industry in Enschede marked the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in her life. In 1964, fate intertwined her path with the legendary arrival of the Beatles in Amsterdam. This momentous event led to her involvement in producing unique Beatle clothing in the textile company she worked at, igniting her brief career in modeling and her lifelong love of clothing design.


In pursuit of adventure and love, Hanneke embarked on a transformative journey to England and eventually to the United States. It was in Laguna Beach, California, where she found her soulmate, James Howard Cummings II. Their love story blossomed against the scenic backdrop of Laguna Beach, culminating in marriage and the joyous arrival of their two children, Shane and Arlette.


Settling in the idyllic landscapes of the Sea Ranch, Hanneke embraced her artistic inclinations, capturing the beauty of her surroundings through her lens. Her photographs adorned the walls of the Sea Ranch Lodge for over a decade, a testament to her keen eye for nature’s splendor.


In Santa Rosa, California, Hanneke’s multifaceted talents continued to flourish. A skilled tennis player, accomplished clothing designer, and avid photographer, she found solace and inspiration in the bountiful landscapes of Sonoma County and Napa Valley. Her affinity for nature, particularly flowers, fueled her passion for photography, a pursuit she cherished throughout her life.


She loved the beautiful wineries and would always be willing to show them off to everyone. The enjoyment she got from this was not just wine tasting but finding the details in the art, the Architecture and of course the flowers that she would seek out and photograph. Halfway through her life, she changed her name to Anna where she was recognized by her Italian circle and subsequently by her friends and acquaintances as well.


Amidst her creative endeavors, Anna remained devoted to her family, nurturing them with love and care. Her home-cooked meals, crafted from the bounty of her organic gardens, became a cherished tradition shared with loved ones. Despite the distance from her native Netherlands, Anna maintained a deep connection with her extended family, bridging the gap through shared memories and cherished visits.


In her later years, Anna’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease posed challenges, yet her spirit endured, leaving an indelible mark on those who knew her. As she reunites with her beloved husband of 50 years in a place of eternal peace, Anna leaves behind a legacy of creativity, warmth, and unwavering love.


Anna is survived by her sisters Jettie and Liesbeth, her brother and sister-in-law Gerhard and Lies, her brother Bert, numerous nieces and nephews, her son and daughter-in-law Shane and Anne Cummings, her daughter Arlette Cummings and her cherished grand dogs Teddy, Howie, and Colt.



Hanneke Evers (middle)

The old market in Enschede, 1964