Gabriel Samano Albavera

March 24, 1937 – December 1, 2023

Gabriel Samano Albavera passed away on December 1st 2023. Gabriel was born in Tetecala Morelos on March 24th 1937. Gabriel had to start working at a very young age due to the death of his father Juan Albavera. At age 6 Gabriel began working as a butcher and did that for most of his young life up until he decided to joining the military in Mexico. Once he was out of the military he began to think about immigrating to the United States as a Bracero to look for a better life for himself.

In 1959, at the age of 22 Gabriel made his first move to get out of Tetecala. He became a Bracero and his first stop was Texas to work in the cotton fields. After a couple of years he moved to the Stockton where he worked in the asparagus fields. Then in the 1962 he moved to Sonoma County, Sebastopol to be exact, he began to work in the apple industry. Gabriel then worked for the Garbage company in the early 1970’s up until 1974.

In the 60’s Gabriel was involved with the first soccer clubs in Sonoma County. He joined Futbol Club Mexico coached by legendary Coach Daniel Novella. They played all around Northern California. Gabriel later sponsored many teams including Team Guadalajara, Team Leon and Team Chapala. These teams were a connection for many Mexican Immigrants to not only the sport that they loved but also a connection to community when at the time there was a small Latino community.

In 1974 Gabriel took a chance to open one of the very first Mexican Restaurants in Santa Rosa. The restaurant’s name was El Chapala Restaurant to honor the lake in Jalisco. The restaurant became a hub for the recent immigrant and any family that was looking for a nice mexican meal. Soon after that Gabriel opened a bar, another restaurant and a store in Graton. He was a businessman and he inspired others to do the same. After his business ventures he was a hotel maintenance man and then finally a garbage man again.

Gabriel was an individual who lived life to the fullest. He enjoyed traveling back to Tetecala to visit family and friends. He had a great sense of humor and enjoyed being around people. He found a passion to be there for his grandkids. From giving them rides to places to taking them donuts and tamales. He loved going every Saturday and Sunday to the donut shop and hang out with family and friends and pass the morning drinking coffee and talking with family. Gabriel will be dearly missed and remembered forever as he was the last of the Albavera offspring from Juan and Manuela.

Gabriel is survived by his 3 children, Anthony Younglood (spouse Tina Youngblood), Gabriel Albavera (spouse Isabel Albavera), Sara Gabriela Albavera, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nephews and nieces.

A visitation will be held at Eggen and Lance Chapel on Tuesday, 12/19/2023, from 4pm to 8pm with a rosary at 6pm. A funeral liturgy will be held at noon the following day, Wednesday, at the same location.

Eggen and Lance Chapel, 1540 Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa.