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Eggen & Lance offers a variety of funeral services, from traditional funerals & green burials, to cremations and memorial services. Our funeral home is one of the few that has a chapel, reception hall and a state-room all at one location. We proudly serve Windsor, CA and the surrounding communities in Sonoma County. We also offer funeral pre-planning and carry a wide selection of caskets, urns, scattering tubes, and cremation jewelry. We are now offering online arrangements too.

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What Types of Death Care & Funeral Service Do You Provide in Windsor, CA?

You have a variety of options to customize the funeral and cremation services and products you require. Here are some examples.

Simple or Direct Cremation Services: This is a “simple” & faster method of cremation, and is a preferred choice for caring for the deceased. Simple cremation occurs without any public services being performed. This process involves incinerating the remains in a controlled environment, resulting in several pounds of ash.

Simple Cremation With Viewing: It is possible to have a streamlined solution while still allowing for public viewing. However, the body must first be prepared and embalmed for presentation. Allowing time for family and friends to spend a few hours saying final farewells can be beneficial for those who are mourning.

Cremation and Memorial Service: Sometimes, it may be more practical to proceed with the cremation first and then hold a memorial service afterwards. One advantage of memorial services is their flexibility. You can opt for cremation (or immediate burial) to take care of the remains promptly, while scheduling the memorial services at a later date that better suits you & your family’s needs.

Funeral Services: Funerals are different from memorial services because the deceased’s body is present at the funeral. People can personalize funerals, but they can also be traditional. Usually, there is a public viewing before the service. If the person is going to be buried at a cemetery, there may be a procession to the gravesite. After the burial, some families have a reception, luncheon, or life celebration activity.

 Funeral and Cremation Service: Combining funeral and cremation services in Windsor, CA can be a great option as it provides all the benefits of both services in one. First, the funeral services are held, which may include a public viewing with an embalmed body and rental of caskets. Once all the memorial services are completed, the body is cremated.

Graveside Burial Service Options: Graveside services are another option. Graveside Burials are usually less formal than a full funeral service, but are still appropriate, affordable & accommodating. In most places, there are no specific regulations regarding the maximum number of attendees or the duration of the service.

Personalization Adds Meaning Through a Tender Time

Personal details and family traditions can be considered when planning any type of service for the deceased. Including special music, photos, or multimedia presentations can enhance the services.

Looking for a Trustworthy Provider of Final Arrangements of a Loved One?

If you need help with funeral and cremation services in Windsor, CA, consider choosing Eggen & Lance or Fred Young Funeral Homes. We have a long history of providing compassionate and professional service in the local funeral & death care industry throughout Sonoma County, CA.

Common Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Why is it important to pre-plan a funeral?

Making the decision to pre-plan your funeral is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. By pre-planning, you can reduce the stress of your loved ones and ensure that your funeral reflects your desires. In addition, pre-planning can bring comfort to your loved ones and strengthen their relationships, enabling them to face this difficult time together without experiencing further mental or emotional pain.

What should I wear to a funeral?

It is suggested that you wear formal black dress attire, as it is a traditional color for funerals. This will show respect for the deceased person whose funeral you are attending.

What is a veteran’s funeral?

A veteran’s funeral is a customary ceremony held in honor of those who have died while serving their country. The service is attended by individuals from all branches of the military and can range from a simple burial or cremation to a more elaborate military procession where honorees carry rifles and flags during sunset at America’s Memory National Cemetery.