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This section contains useful information about our services, some frequently asked questions, our general price list, as well as our family friends services.

Our Services Your Way

When a loved one dies the family must make some very hard decisions while under tremendous stress. If pre-planning has not been done, the family needs to decide what type of final disposition they would like for their loved one. The most common options are funerals and cremations.

Your Questions

What must I do if a loved one passes away at home? 
If the loved one is under hospice care, call hospice and have them call us at (707) 894-2540. If the loved one is not under hospice care, call your local police department and let them know that there has been a home death.

General Price List

This section contains our complete General Price List. If you require additional information then what is provided here, please call us directly at the funeral home.

Family Friends (pets)

We know that losing a family friend can be very difficult. Please give us a call at (707) 545-3747 to help you celebrate or memorialize your special relationship with your pet in a way that is both unique and meaningful.