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Medieval Look At Death

The Middle Ages and Death Medieval Europe experienced death very differently than we do today. Here are a few surprising death-related facts from the Middle Ages. Living in Cemeteries: Cemeteries were a very different place during the Middle Ages. A cemetery was a site of social activity and where local elections, trials, sermons and theater […]

Funerals for Stars

Hollywood Farewells Remember the feeling you got when you saw your favorite bright and glamorous Hollywood star gazing back at you? Even through the ‘throw back’ static and microscopic television screen, they still seemed like they were right there with you. Whether it was the grandfather of soul, Mr. James Brown, or Hollywood royalty Vivien […]

Being Grateful

Being Grateful Can Improve Your Life Gratitude is an emotion. It fills the heart with a sense of thankfulness that can – according to some research –  increase one’s well-being. It has been said that those who practice gratitude on a consistent basis are spending time and attention on the good news of their days. […]

Household Omens

Folklore About Omens of Death involving Household Objects Folklore abounds with tips and suggestions about how recognize death approaching. The idea, of course, is to be prepared and, where possible, ward off this inevitable final phase of life. Here is a list of folk ways: A dish or glass breaking when no one is near […]

Santa Rosa May 2017

Welcome to the merry month of May. Here’s a list of things to do in Santa Rosa and beyond: May 7 – Laguna de Santa Rosa – Join the fun of this annual trek to the Double-crested Cormorant nesting site on the banks of the Laguna. By May 7 we will likely see everything from […]

Animal Omens of Death

Four Legged and Winged Messengers    For eons, people have been telling stories about death, life’s final passage. Oral stories, myths and legends about the topic exist in every corner of the world. These folkloric elements offer warning, guidelines, and tips that reflect specific cultural beliefs and customs. Animals are among the more common messengers of […]

Universal Grief

Grief is UniversalPersonal and Public Loss Post-Tribune Reporter Jerry Davich recently wrote that “grief can be a lonely mourner.” It is an emotion that you feel whether or not you are by yourself. Even in the midst of a crowd it will remain a personal experience. It is a process that cannot be diverted. Davich […]

Santa Rosa April 2017

With April comes new events and activities to explore.  Here’s a list of things to do in Santa Rosa and beyond: Ongoing: Weekly sitting meditation – practice, Santa Rosa Shambhala Center. Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Free meditation instruction available. Open to all. Contact: Apr 5 – Attracting Beneficial Insects – How to bring them into your garden […]

Bicycle Memorials

The Ghost Bike Memorials to those who have passed on come in all shapes and sizes. Most people are familiar with headstones, graveside benches and statues found in cemeteries around the world. While they are on display for all who visit the graveyards where they people are laid to rest, they are very different from […]

Polish Coffin Portraits

Polish Coffin Portraits Coffin portraits have been around for a long time.  17th and 18th century coffin portraits on display at Poland’s National Museum in Warsaw, for example, realistic portrait of a deceased person that had first been placed on his or her coffin for the funeral service. Afterwards it was removed before the burial […]